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The fraternal order of the U.S. Army Special Forces - the "Green Berets"

The Samuel S. Theriault / Aaron Bank Memorial Chapter - The original chapter of the 

"Special Forces Decade Club."

Rebuild Fund

In late 2016 our team house was gutted by the floods stemming from Hurricane Matthew.  Your support and contributions will enable us to one day rebuild.  Your generous donation will ensure that the original chapter of what began as the Special Forces Decade Club will go on to serve the veterans and families of the Green Berets - and, indeed, to serve America, its bravest warriors and the Fayetteville, NC community.  Long live the SF Association and Chapter 1-18. Thank you! The Mission Continues.

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About Us


We take our mission seriously. The history and traditions of the U.S. Army Special Forces is the history of America. Our traditions, principles, and sacrifices made around the world on behalf of the oppressed remain our legacy. Our enduring vow to perpetuate the brotherhood that binds us and those who will fill the ranks when we're gone is sacrosanct. And the mission continues.

Immortal Mission

None of us will last forever. It is our legacy of fighting to liberate the oppressed that will serve as a perpetual memorial that we were here. And that we made a difference. Join us. There's more work to be done. You can help us fight on to our ultimate objective: making the world a better place and honoring those who paved the way, those who gave their youth to the defense of the nation, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Future Focused

Chapter 1-18, the original chapter, is a community in transition. As we endeavor to memorialize our forebears, we are also rebuilding. In the aftermath of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, we're fundraising for recovery and renewal. We need a new home, a new base for our charitable and honorable operations, and a new safe haven for the many artifacts that served witness to our actions around the globe.

Member's Corner

Sick Call

Chapter 1-18 members and other members of the Special Forces Community injured or Sick.

Sick Call


Chapter 1-18 members and other members of the Special Forces Community who have moved on.


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Chapter 1-18 restricted area for members only.  Members Roster and other restricted Information.

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Special Forces Association Chapter 1-18

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